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Herman Miller wants you to do great things. That’s why they create problem-solving designs that are as beautiful as they are useful.

As an authorized Herman Miller partner in Switzerland, we can offer you a wide range of products.

Mensch und Arbeit - Herman Miller

Successful employees = successful company.

Employees are the most important resource in any company. So why are so few offices designed with their needs and activities in mind? With Living Office, Herman Miller makes your workplace more human again – for successful employees and a successful company.

Arbeitsplatz Herman Miller

A well-designed workplace does its part to help achieve goals. 

Every company and every employee is different. Yet many offices today look the same. Herman Miller’s Living Office uses its own research to conduct an evaluation process that shows you how to design an office that reflects your company’s personality and supports your work the best.

Möbel Herman Miller

Well thought-out equipment ensures good work and results.

In the office, furniture and supplies can either hinder or facilitate work. With our comprehensive portfolio of products, you can give your employees exactly what they need to achieve their goals.


The most important task of the management is to create the most pleasant working environment possible so that the employees can be themselves.


Who is Herman Miller?

Learn why Herman Miller has been a leader in design for more than 108 years.


For Herman Miller, design is never solely about a finished product.

It’s a process that extends from the designer’s vision to the people it’s intended for and the places it changes.

108 years in 108 seconds

For the launch of WHY, we asked animation studio Part of a Bigger Plan to answer the question of why Herman Miller has remained a leader in design over the 108 years. The enchanting answer now sits alongside other stories in WHY to give a sense of the full breadth and depth of Herman Miller.

Written by: The Editors

Video of:     Part of a Bigger Plan

“I’ve never met a designer who is content to leave everything as it is.”

– George Nelson

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